Are Washout Costs Washing AWAY Your Profits?

Last Updated On Jun 19, 2017

If your days are spent washing out your truck beds and trailers instead of hauling waste, then you are literally washing away your profit. Consider for a moment your cost of labor, man-hours, lost jobs and water/cleaning supply costs – and we’re talking some serious cash down the drains.

But what other options do you have for keeping your trucks in good condition? Aren’t these just standard expenses for waste haulers?

Not necessarily. By spending just a few moments installing a lightweight, disposable polyethylene liner in the trailer before each load, you’re able to completely contain the waste and avoid it contacting the truck bed. PacTec TransLiners®, our proprietary disposable polyethylene container liners, ensure a form fit every time because of their revolutionary design, which positions the liner seals outside of the container. This provides exceptional leak protection to safely and securely transport solids and sludge wastes plus helps extend the life of your container.Are Washout Costs Washing AWAY Your Profits?

With over 80 different size and thickness configurations, we have an exact liner for your truck, trailer, roll off, dumpster, dump truck and more.

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