Are You Using the Correct Container Liner?

Last Updated On Nov 16, 2016

Are you using the right disposable container liner? There are many sources of disposable container liners for your roll off containers, dumpsters, rail gondolas and dump trucks. But are you using the right one?

PacTec, Inc.'s unique liner design is superior to many alternatives because the form fit design offers optimal leak protection and reduces washout costs. Plus, we stock many standard sizes and thicknesses that are all individually packaged and ready for easy installation.

Reasons to trust the PacTec Transliners®:


Better Leak Protection
Designed with all liner seals positioned outside the container, the TransLiner® provides exceptional leak protection.

The patented form fit design is the ideal way to transport solids and sludge wastes safely and securely. The TransLiner® can also be fitted to cover the load to aid in odor and dust control.


PacTec Easy Installation and Disassembly
The TransLiner® is easily and quickly installed by a single person allowing you to save time and man-hours for setup. Watch a short video of the easy installation.

It's also easy disassemble as full liners easily slide out, eliminating wash-out, saving significant time and expense.



Reduced Expenses
Not only does the TransLiner® extend your container life by protecting it from rust and other damage, it eliminates the need for wash out after unloading. This saves you lost man-hours and the potential for accidents and/or environmental fines.

Call (877) 554-2544 to order your TransLiners® today. Pallet quantity discounts are available.