Avoid Fines and Save Money with PacTec Transformer Bags

Last Updated On Apr 10, 2017

When electrical transformers are in need of servicing or repair, nothing complicates matters more than when they leak. The risk of accidental injury, fines from PCB exposure and costly or labor-intensive cleanup all become immediate concerns. PacTec’s innovative Transformer Containment Bag eliminates all of these concerns.

The heavy-duty, multi-layer bag includes a full absorbent inner layer, leak-proof liner and reinforced bottom with lifting straps. Plus, our proprietary design is the first in the industry to utilize a zipper closure for ease of use in the field. It is also lightweight, compact and easily stored on service trucks. In addition to pole-mount transformers, the bag shape and size are ideal for motors, engines and other leaking equipment.

PacTec Transformer Bags


  • UN Rated for safe transport
  • DOT Compliant
  • Patented zipper closure
  • Bright white bag with reflective striping for safety
  • Designed for for 37.5 kVA, 50 kVA & Small 75 kVA Pole-Mounted Transformers
  • Self-supporting material holds bag open for easy, one-person loading
  • Fully lined with absorbent material for maximum spill control