Last Updated On Aug 4, 2016

While Hydraulic Fracturing companies are being pressed to save money in today’s oil & gas economy, PacTec, Inc. was able to help KEANE considerably reduce their costs.

Joe Baker of Keane Group writes, “Last year we were renting spill containment in Odessa, Texas at $15,000 for a 3-5 day turn around. PacTec, Inc. approached us about purchasing containment berms outright and illustrated the considerable amount of money we could save. They came out to our location, measured our equipment and suggested the ideal material to use that would be durable enough for several uses in the field.”

Baker continues, “Ed, our sales rep, even taught my team best practices to help extend the life of the berms, including how to maintain, warehouse and deployment.”

“In a year that saw the oil & gas Industry lag, Keane has been able to grow our business due in part to our partnership with companies like PacTec, Inc. The fact that I can contact them with questions and get immediate solutions to containment problems is a testament to the commitment that PacTec has to its customers.”

We appreciate the kinds words from Mr. Baker, and congratulate KEANE on its’ continued success. We are proud to play a small role in that, and would love to help you reduce expenses as well. Call us today at 800.272.2832.CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: KEANE FRAC