GeoPacs Reduce Dewatering Costs

Last Updated On Jun 3, 2016

Recently, a large refinery needed to remove coke fines from a major piece of equipment while also protecting the pumping equipment and keeping the fines from reaching the storage tanks. Several filtration options were evaluated by the process engineers, including their existing solids removal system and a continuous backflush mechanical filtration system. While all seemed promising on a small scale, when tested full-scale, the filtration data collected clearly shows that PacTec’s GeoPacs were the most efficient and cost effective solution.

PacTec, Inc. worked with the refinery to custom manufacture several GeoPacs that would meet their existing space and flow-rate constraints. In addition to the larger filtration tubes, 2 smaller filters were utilized for a circulation loop to remove fines from the tanks. Information provided by the refinery showed that the annual cost savings were in the $450 million range over alternative filtration options presented.

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