Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Industrial Waste Packaging Options

Last Updated On Jul 6, 2023

Waste management is a key component of healthy, happy communities – and when done well, it also helps keep industrial operations running efficiently.

 When managing industrial waste, your packaging choices make a world of difference. Appropriate industrial waste packaging choices safeguard your workers, protect our environment, and ensure that your company is compliant with government regulations.

However, finding the right waste packaging options for industries is tricky. Let’s take a look at the various types of industrial waste packaging available to help you build a safer and greener waste management strategy.

Top Waste Packaging Solutions for Industries

1. Traditional (Rigid) Waste Packaging

Traditional rigid waste packaging options for industries include drums, metal containers, and cardboard boxes.

These industrial waste packaging materials have been around for generations and play a crucial role in containing waste across many diverse industries. For instance, many laboratories and industrial sites store hazardous chemicals in glass jars or metal cans.

Although this widespread use speaks to the versatility and convenience of traditional packaging options, they are not without flaws. The most glaring drawback is their environmental footprint. Plastics, metals, and glass require significant energy to manufacture and recycle.

Additionally, not all of these materials are recyclable, which means that they end up in landfills. Even cardboard, which is recyclable, often becomes contaminated with waste, which renders it unfit for recycling. These limitations underline the need for innovative and environmentally friendly waste packaging solutions.

2. Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bags

PacTec’s self-standing UN-rated bulk bags are designed to stand on their own once they’ve been filled. This facilitates easy loading and unloading from workstations or transportation units. The bags meet the UN’s rigorous and strict safety standards and are even UV-coated for weather resistance. They keep all of your waste materials securely contained for safety and compliance.

Although they are very durable, these bags are naturally lightweight and flexible, which helps them adapt to different types of waste. With a robust design, they can handle everything from construction debris to contaminated PPE to hazardous household waste. The bags are collapsible when empty, which makes for easy storage. Additionally, they offer reusable storage for non-hazardous, non-contaminated items.

These bags are one of the top waste packaging options for industries due to their balance of flexibility and durability. By combining safety, convenience, and compliance, these bulk bags are a game-changer for industrial waste management.

3. Flexible Non-Hazardous Waste Packaging

Flexible non-hazardous waste packaging is transforming the waste management sector. Industrial waste packaging providers like PacTec are developing new flexible options that are both reliable and adaptable. They have applications across a wide range of sectors, including construction, remediation, and renovation projects.

PacTec’s LiftPac flexible non-hazardous waste packaging is appropriate for flowable solids and debris. Unlike rigid packaging, this flexible option is easy to accommodate different types and volumes of waste, including.

  •  Soil
  • Gravel
  • Demolition debris
  • And more

This type of packaging is made with both woven and non-woven polypropylene and folds and bends for transportation as needed.

Not only is LiftPac highly adaptable, but it’s also very robust. It is made with material that is lightweight and tear-resistant and uses patented zipper closures for extra security. It also has a one-piece design, which makes it easier to handle. 

Flexible non-hazardous waste packaging is not only efficient to transport, but it also minimizes your environmental impact. This type of industrial waste packaging has a higher recycling rate than its more traditional counterparts.

4. Disposable Form-Fit Container Liners

Disposable form-fit container liners are revolutionizing the way we approach waste containment, particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. These liners fit perfectly into standard waste containers, which keeps the waste secure and prevents leakage.

PacTec’s TransLiner disposable form-fit container liners come in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses to suit many different types of large waste containers, including dumpsters, roll-off containers, and more. In addition to preventing contamination, they also offer odor and freeze control.

These bags are easy to install and remove and are fully disposable. If your main concern for your industrial site is cleanliness, these liners are a good choice, as they prevent waste from touching the container or further contaminating the environment around it. They also have a simple and efficient design that reduces waste handling time, increasing your operational productivity overall.

5. Large Industrial Waste Container Bags

Large-scale industrial operations need appropriately sized waste management solutions, and large industrial waste container bags fit the bill. These bags are ideal for accommodating bulky or high-volume waste and are popular choices for construction, demolition, and manufacturing.

PacTec’s TransPac large industrial waste container bags offer exceptional capacity and durability. They are made from woven polymeric fabric that is meant to withstand demanding conditions with no tears or leaks.

Industrial waste packaging providers will also customize this type of bag to accommodate your unique needs. PacTec even offers lined options for wet applications, as well as spouted options for vacuum or gravity feed loading.

Because these bags are so sturdy, they protect both your workers and the environment from potential waste hazards. PacTec’s products offer a patented zipper closure that’s highly secure and helps with odor management. They are also easy to use and transport, which improves operational efficiency.

How to Find the Right Packaging for Your Facility

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right waste packaging options for the industries that you need. Consider a variety of different factors to determine which types of packaging make the most sense for your needs.

Start by understanding the nature of the waste your facility generates. If you work with hazardous waste, you’ll need bags that are designed specifically with hazardous waste in mind, like UN-rated bags.

Next, estimate the volume of waste you’ll be dealing with. You’ll need packaging that is large enough for secure and efficient waste containment without being too large for your job site.

Additionally, consider your storage and transportation needs. For example, flexible self-standing bags are optimal for work sites with limited storage.

Don’t forget about regulatory compliance. Your packaging needs to comply with all pertinent waste management laws in your area. Not only will this help you avoid legal complications, but it also keeps your team safe.

Finally, the budget should play a role in your decision. While investing in high-quality packaging solutions is worthwhile, cost-effectiveness is important to consider as well. Considering these factors will guide you toward the best industrial waste packaging providers and solutions for your needs.

Need Waste Packaging Solutions? Turn to PacTec Inc.

Choosing the right waste packaging solutions for industries is challenging, but it’s also paramount for safety and efficiency. As a leader in the field, PacTec provides innovative, versatile, and efficient industrial waste packaging options.

From flexible non-hazardous waste packaging to large industrial waste container bags, PacTec’s solutions are designed to meet your needs while minimizing your ecological footprint. Our packaging is robust, easy to use, and complies with stringent safety standards.

A clean, safe future starts with the right packaging. If you’re looking for industrial waste packaging providers to step up your waste management strategy, there’s no better partner than PacTec. 

To learn more about our solutions and how we’re revolutionizing waste management, get in touch today or request a quote.

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