In Stock NOW: The affordable solution for SPCC compliance

Last Updated On Aug 11, 2020

Wouldn’t you like to be using the most AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE, REUSABLE spill berms AVAILABLE NOW at a great price? PacTec has an innovative Spill Containment Berm that will revolutionize the way you ensure SPCC compliance AND save you time and money.

Wire Bracket Berm

Always struggling to set up a berm with L-brackets that constantly fall out? Those days are over thanks to PacTec’s new Wire Bracket BermPac®. We’ve designed a superior, patent-pending galvanized steel wire bracket that compresses and slides into the sidewall pockets where they remain securely in place.

These berms are a cost-efficient spill containment option made from a variety of chemical and acid resistant materials to provide unrivaled spill containment.

Check out a comparison of our Wire Berm to traditional L bracket berms

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