Independent Labs Agree: Flexible LLW Packaging Beats Rigid Containment

Last Updated On Aug 26, 2019


At PacTec, we've been working like dogs to create the most robust, compliant and cost-effective packaging solutions for all levels of nuclear waste. Like Fido above, our customers can attest to the many reasons why they feel flexible packaging is superior to traditional rigid containment.

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Reduced Container Costs

Metal containers are a serious investment and can easily run project costs higher than anticipated. Flexible packaging, on the other hand, costs significantly less, can keep you within budget and affords you the opportunity to accelerate decommissioning activities.


Reduced Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and space, so why pay inflated shipping rates to move heavy waste containers? Flexible packaging weighs a fraction of rigid containers containing equal volume.


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Reduced Footprint on Jobsite
Working on a project site with space constraints? Rigid containers with fixed dimensions occupy valuable land, while flexible waste packaging arrives to your jobsite in a compact form. This allows you to increase your disposal rate by eliminating costly downtime waiting on more containers.


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More Disposal Volume/Weight
Since flexible packages weigh less, you are able to send more volume of actual waste to disposal for the same cost. This translates to massive cost savings by increasing the volume of waste per shipment and decreasing transportation costs.


Overall, flexible waste packaging is a whole different animal than traditional metal boxes and other rigid containment. But since we believe you CAN teach old dogs new tricks, let us prove to you that our certified flexible packaging is a better solution for you...

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