MEET THE TEAM: Amanda Roussel | Mechanical Designer

Last Updated On Apr 1, 2021

PacTec's progress would not be possible without the incredible members of #teampactec. As we continue our MEET THE TEAM series of spotlights, we want to introduce one of our behind-the-scenes heroes, Amanda Roussel. Very little of what gets produced at PacTec happens without first crossing Amanda's desk, whose business card reads Mechanical Designer, mainly because we didn't have space to put all her true titles. ­čśë


Amanda's job entails so much more than designing manufacturing diagrams. She is also instrumental in new product design, writing internal manufacturing process instructions, customer product usage guidelines, sales design, pricing, illustrating custom solutions, and so much more. She is also actively involved with our Research & Development team, Engineering team, and she supervises engineering projects with our engineering internship program.


Additionally, Amanda has written and coded automation software for one of our systems that will automatically generate designs & manufacturing drawings for most of our standard BermPacs┬« and NucPacs┬« based on input variables like material and size.


Amanda has amassed this library of knowledge and experience over 10+ years designing industrial storage tanks and heat exchangers for contractors along Louisiana's chemical/industrial corridor. These capabilities are bolstered by her Associate of Science degree, a myriad of certifications, and professional project management training.


When Amanda is not buried in SolidWorks, she spends time playing with her puppy Sadie, an adorable Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier Spaniel mix, or fishing with her dad at their camp in Cocodrie. She is also a proud supporter of LEOs, in honor of her grandfather who served as a police captain for 30 years. Adding to all that fun, Amanda also dabbles in music editing as a hobby, claiming to be new at it but improving. Hit her up on LinkedIn to see if she will let you preview her YouTube channel. But seriously, drop her a comment below to thank her for everything she contributes to our team.

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