MEET THE TEAM: Charles Fisher | Lead Shipping & Receiving Warehouseman

Last Updated On Oct 13, 2020


There’s one man around here that racks up more forklift mileage than any other - PacTec’s Lead Shipping & Receiving Warehouseman, Mr. Charles Fisher. Every day you’ll find him zipping around pulling orders from inventory to prepare for shipment, storing stock items in row after row of inventory racking, even keeping up with inventory in/out.

In fact, the beeps and horns of a busy day in his role are often music to his ears, especially as he directs his colleagues in forklift training and loading/unloading of multiple trucks each day.


Mr. Charles has been composing this PacTec forklift symphony now for 20 years! In February, we celebrated the landmark occasion with him, and while humble about his tenure and contributions, you can see the pride beaming in his friendly smile. That kindness extends into the community as well, as Mr. Charles serves as a devoted Deacon of his church. He also takes time to visit the sick, homebound, and hospitalized (now by phone given COVID). Like any true southern gentleman, when he isn’t serving others, he spends his time in any number of nearby fishing holes or tending to his garden and fruit trees.


Before his many years at PacTec, Charles was a tree farmer, spending his days growing numerous fruit and nut trees to harvest and sell. He has also worked in the field of corrections in the nearby town of Jackson, LA.  Undoubtedly, his journey has been an interesting and fulfilling one, and he tells some fun tales about his past and the early years of PacTec.  We are glad his career brought him to us, as he is one man we can surely depend on daily.

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