MEET THE TEAM: Landon Cox | Great Lakes Sales Executive

Last Updated On May 13, 2021

Please help us congratulate Landon Cox on his promotion from Customer Service Representative to Territory Sales Executive! After successfully shadowing a senior sales representative, we are pleased to have him assist our customers in the Great Lakes area. And to think, just four years ago, he was a hardworking floor hand in our shipping department - three cheers for our great internal advancement opportunities.


Landon is eager to learn more about customer needs and their business processes to offer tailored cost-saving waste packaging solutions. You will surely appreciate his excellent listening skills, 24/7 availability, and attention to detail. Plus, this writer can also attest to his integrity, honesty, networking ability, and willingness to ask all the important questions.


Landon’s meticulous attention to detail is already paying off, as he can help forecast customer inventory needs and offer various scheduling options to keep his customers productive. He is also good at helping with those urgent requests when something is needed ASAP.


When asked about managing a territory, Landon says, “it requires constant self-motivation and a desire to succeed - otherwise disappointment will be the only outcome in the long run.

I’m finding a direct correlation between the quality of work I put in every day and the results I see.” He goes on to say, “most of all, I’ve gotten used to being told ‘No,’ have learned to have more patience, and change my approach from selling a product to offering a solution to save my customers time and money.”


What Landon enjoys most about his new role is that every day offers a new adventure – calling on new prospects, learning about a different industry or industrial process, or keeping the proverbial wheel spinning – things are never dull.


While Landon is knowledgeable about all the products PacTec offers, he is our resident expert on all things Self-Standing UN Rated LiftPac®. He can rattle off every feature and benefit, plus, as you can see in this video, he can set it up faster than anyone else.


“It’s a great solution for a variety of waste streams. Plus, its storage-friendly nature when empty outshines the cost of storing 55-gallon drums. The innovative zipper makes it an incredibly secure bag that duffel tops and tie bags cannot compete with. Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more.”


Landon beams with pride about PacTec and its products, and he also understands the crucial role he plays within our organization and the opportunity for making a lasting positive impact on the environment.


And just in case you were wondering, ladies, Landon is single, enjoys long walks with his German Shephard, and is an avid photographer. 😉 When he isn’t fishing or honing his archery skills, he spends time with friends and family. Football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee are some of his favorite sports – and now that he’s been to TopGolf, he just might be taking up golf too.

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