PacTec, Inc.’s Dewatering Liners “Performed Better Than Expected”

Last Updated On Jun 29, 2016

PacTec, Inc. was recently commended by the Navarro Research and Engineering Project Manager Paul Franco for the superior performance of our products used to dewater sludge from an evaporative cooling tower basin at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN. In a written letter to our Director of Nuclear Sales, Franco writes how they “were very pleased with the rapid turnaround of our orders” and continues with how “the dewatering bags performed better than expected.”

PacTec, Inc.’s Dewatering Bags “Performed Better Than Expected”

The PacTec dewatering filters were utilized inside of roll off containers and were filled with 10-12 cubic yards of sludge. Franco adds, “The sludge was sufficiently dry within 24 to 36 hours to meet the disposal facility’s paint filter test waste acceptance criterion.”

In addition to the success of the dewatering filters in the field, Navarro ordered containment berms to contain any potential spills. “The portable berms were easily set up and broken down as we moved equipment around the work site. Even with some pretty rough treatment, the berms remained effective,” the letter concludes.

PacTec, Inc. is proud to provide quality solutions to our customers, and we are pleased that our custom products were able to exceed this customer’s expectations.