PacTec Launches Another NEW Product: Transformer Bags

Last Updated On Mar 21, 2016

PacTec, Inc. continues to bring innovative solutions to market, and we are proud to introduce the TransPac® Transformer Containment Bag. This flexible package is the safe way to contain leaking transformers for transport to service centers. Our proprietary design is the first in the industry to utilize a zipper closure for ease of use in the field. The heavy-duty, multi-layer bag includes a full absorbent inner layer and is also lightweight, compact and easily stored on service trucks.

PacTec Transformer Bags


  • UN Rated for safe transport
  • DOT Compliant
  • Patented zipper closure
  • Bright white bag with reflective striping for safety
  • Designed for for 37.5 kVA, 50 kVA & Small 75 kVA Pole-Mounted Transformers
  • Self-supporting material holds bag open for easy, one-person loading
  • Fully lined with absorbent material for maximum spill control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • More economical than metal drums

Topics: Transformer Containment