PacTec NucPacs Help Facilitate $1.8 Million Savings

Last Updated On Jan 16, 2019

In a recent cost-saving effort among 2 large Environmental Management sites to share resources, PacTec NucPacs were utilized to safely transport equipment over 300 miles while eliminating any potential risk of contamination to the environment. The equipment was securely overpacked in custom-manufactured NucPacs to aide in their risk reduction and cost savings initiatives.

Taken from EM Update, Vol. 11, Issue 2 dated January 15, 2019 


Cost Savings Grow to $1.8 Million as Two EM Sites Share Equipment

WEST VALLEY, N.Y. – Two EM sites have saved more than $1.8 million by sharing heavy-duty equipment for large demolition activities, and the savings continue to grow.

In December, workers at the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) received an excavator from the EM program at the Separations Process Research Unit (SPRU) in Niskayuna, New York. EM workers at SPRU also delivered a heavy-duty hydraulic hammer and shears to WVDP in October. EM is scheduled to receive two other excavators at WVDP within the next few weeks under the arrangement.

“Working together, these two DOE-EM sites found a way to increase cost-savings. Many times, innovation results just from thinking differently about how we conduct our business, and this is a good example. West Valley and SPRU figured that out in this case. We need to continue our efforts to enhance safety, reduce risks, and increase cost-effectiveness,” EM Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Mark Gilbertson said.

“Sharing equipment helps save money for taxpayers and the government, and saves cost and time on schedule because the equipment is already built, tested, and used,” said Dan Sullivan, federal project director for the Main Plant Process Building and Vitrification Facility demolitions at the WVDP. “In addition, this equipment will be onsite and ready for use during the next phase of site cleanup.”

The equipment will be used in the demolition of five ancillary structures surrounding the Main Plant Process Building and 19 other facilities at WVDP, including trailers, an old sewage treatment plant, and water and septic tanks.

"This is a collective effort by everyone involved," said Steven Feinberg, EM’s SPRU federal project director. "Cost savings and increased productivity among DOE's EM sites are the results of working together. We are glad to be a part of this initiative."

EM used the equipment at SPRU to demolish two buildings that supported improvements in the chemical separation of plutonium for the nation’s strategic defense early in the Cold War. Demolition of both buildings began in 2016 and were finished in May 2018 .

“Sharing equipment and lessons learned between sites is a formula for success,” said Scott Anderson, president of EM cleanup contractor CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley. “West Valley and other DOE Environmental Management sites will continue to assist each other in reducing risks in a safe, cost effective, and environmentally compliant manner.”

-Contributor: Joseph Pillittere