PRODUCT REVIEW: Self-Standing LiftPac

Last Updated On Aug 2, 2016

We asked Ryan Giacone of LEI Recycling to give us his honest feedback after using PacTec’s new self-standing LiftPac in their battery recycling operation. His unedited responses are below.

PacTec: How did the product meet your needs?

LEI: Product helps meet our needs in several ways. The rugged sturdiness of the bag makes it easier to fill as the walls stay upright during this process. The weight rating of the bag allows for more material to be put in utilizing more space. The zippable flap, when applicable, will help keep items contained during transportation.

PacTec: What features of this bag stand out to you?

LEI: This bag can hold virtually anything with its UN rating, making it useful in almost any situation. Our overall favorite feature was the walls. Our workers normally fight with regular bags to keep them open where this bag you set it up and begin filling with no worries of the bag collapsing.

PacTec: How did it compare to other solutions?

LEI: This bag, compared to other bags and supersacks, has its advantages with having a lid that contains your material and walls to make the bag sturdy and able to stand on its own. Most other bags need to be hung from another supporting system so they can be filled. The walls and durability are very impressive.

We are confident this new product will be beneficial with you. To place an order, give us a call today at 800-272-2832.