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RailPacs Solve Customer Problems

Posted on Sep 16, 2016

PacTec - RailPacs Solve Customer Problems

A large environmental remediation company in the NorthEast recently reached out to PacTec, Inc. with help solving a rail loading problem.

“We were having difficulties with the overlapping of the rail car liners that we were purchasing. We reached out to the company receiving our rail loads, and they suggested we reach out to PacTec and try out their rail liners because of their zipper enclosure.”

“PacTec sent a representative to our transload facility and did a demonstration with their liner inside of our rail cars. Not only did the PacTec, Inc. RailPac fit perfectly, we were very impressed with how easy it was to install and how it encapsulated the load much better than the liners we were previously using.”

Site Manager
Environmental Remediation Company
Bloomfield, CT