Ten Reasons People Immediately Love the NEW Self-Standing LiftPac®

Last Updated On Feb 21, 2017

Unlike other FIBC’s on the market, PacTec’s self-standing bulk bags offers many key advantages that will make your job easier. We’ve received feedback from hundreds of customers, and these are the top 10 reasons they’re falling in love with this waste packaging solution.

1. Patented Zipper Closure - Don’t worry about overfilling bags or having to haphazardly tie/tape the bags closed.

2. UN Rated “X” for Packaging Groups I, II and III - This UN rating makes it an ideal disposal solution for most waste streams.

3. Self-Standing - Cardboard sidewall supports hold bag open for easy filling.

4. Lower disposal costs compared to alternatives - Lower weight means lower disposal costs… Why pay to dispose of a heavy drum?

5. UV Coated, weather resistant outer layer - Forget about exposed cardboard boxes getting ruined in the rain.

6. Lightweight and compact - Bags are collapsible for easy shipment and storage.

7. Liner is built in - This is leak prevention at its finest, without having to purchase liners separately.

8. Stackable - Once filled, they stack neatly requiring a smaller footprint before final disposal.

9. Superior to metal drums and corrugated boxes - These alternatives are cumbersome, expensive and require pallets and additional handling.

10. Available for immediate shipment - We keep an ample inventory on hand for immediate shipment to your facility.Ten Reasons People Immediately Love the NEW Self-Standing LiftPac®