The Many Advantages of Landfills Utilizing LandPac - Alternate Daily Cover

Last Updated On Nov 7, 2017

PacTec, Inc. has been helping landfills realize significant cost savings for years with our landfill cover. The LandPac® is designed to meet the stringent regulations for landfill sites, it has proven to be a great municipality-approved ADC.

There are many advantages of using the LandPac® landfill cover, including competitive pricing, speed of deployment, ease of removal and the fact that they are reusable. Best of all is that they use no airspace, unlike soil and other waste-derived ADCs.landpacheader


  • Heavy-duty Reinforced seams, corners and strapping
  • Replaces daily soil coverage
  • Great for airborne waste containment including odor and dust control
  • Minimizes water infiltration
  • Compatible with most auto-covering systems
  • Can be manually deployed
  • More affordable than other Alternate Daily Covers
  • Conserves airspace in your landfill
  • Municipality approved in most states
  • Helps you manage leachate
  • Less soil used, allowing free movement of waste