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PacTec, Inc. Receives 2018 Small Business of the Year Award

Posted on Sep 12, 2018

CLINTON, La. -PacTec, Inc. was recently recognized by URS | CH2M Oak Ridge (UCOR) as the 2018 Small Business of the Year for the second time in the award program history. UCOR, as the

U. S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Accelerated Cleanup Contractor for the Oak Ridge Reservation, recognizes subcontractor partners that play an integral part of the success of the DOE.

UCOR is responsible for cleaning up East Tennessee Technology Park, a former gaseous diffusion plant that DOE is converting into a private sector industrial park. UCOR also performs cleanup work at other Reservation locations, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.

Since 2008, PacTec engineers and research & development teams have worked with UCOR to custom design and manufacture packaging solutions to safely handle and dispose of demolition debris from the site.


“It gives me great pleasure to announce that PacTec, Inc. has been selected to receive the Small Business of the Year award for constantly exceeding expectations,” writes Freda Hopper, UCOR Small Business Program manager.


“We are honored to receive UCOR’s Small Business of the Year award. These moments fuel our passion to innovate and develop solutions that make both PacTec and our partners successful,” said Mike Schilling, PacTec, Inc. President and CEO. “Our relationship with UCOR has made PacTec a better organization.”

UCOR recognizes companies that set the standard, raise the bar, and distinguish themselves from their peers. This includes those subcontractors who best demonstrate a shared vision and shared commitment with UCOR for safety, excellent performance, diversity, and customer satisfaction.