Why Industrial Rental Companies Should Offer Spill Containment

Last Updated On Sep 20, 2017

Although the responsibility to maintain compliance ultimately falls on the end user, by having simple spill containment solutions available for your customers to use, you become more than a rental company – you become a solutions provider.

PacTec spill containment berms are one of the most affordable ways to prevent spills and contain potential leaks under all types of equipment in the field, including pumps, generators, holding tanks and more.

Most customers appreciate when things made easier for them, so having a single supplier for industrial equipment rental AND spill containment is of great benefit to them. If your customers’ jobsite requires containment and you don’t offer it, but your competitor does, which do you think they are more prone to choose? Is it worth the risk?rentalbermincome

Here are 7 Benefits of Offering Spill Containment Berms

  1. Containing spills saves money on potential environmental fines.
  2. Spill containment saves time. Lost labor and delayed projects due to spill cleanup can cost your customer thousands of dollars.
  3. Containment Berms generate revenue. They are often one of the highest ROI products you can offer, bringing an average 30% -100% mark-up. Combined with long-term rental or multi-use rental, they quickly pay for themselves.
  4. By offering spill containment solutions, you prove to be vested in promoting environmental awareness. This brings immeasurable value as a trusted, caring resource for customers.
  5. Berms help ensure your customers meet compliance regulations.
  6. Modern berms deploy quickly and easily.
  7. They are available in various configurations to meet site-specific needs.

Many industrial rental branches now offer spill containment with equipment as a package deal, offering more than the competition and giving them competitive advantage. By having berms in stock, they are establishing potential to sell/rent the containment units as a standalone revenue stream. If you'd like to experience the same success, call to speak to our Rental Market Sales Professionals at 1-800-272-2832.